After 6 years, what do we want to say that we haven't said yet?

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The Brand is the heart and soul of a company’s identity, for new and established brands. Fortunate to have learned about branding from a master who learned from a master, logos and taglines are our favorite type of project.


Starting out at a small print design studio in NYC, Jenny created mechanical files and oversaw jobs on press and later was able to engineer more elaborate printed pieces including popups, pockets, pull-outs and multi-piece packages.

Web / Techincal

Jenny began as a lab monitor during college and taught herself Flash in the newsroom at CNN. From wire frames and site maps to animation, coding and maintenance, we can support your site and work with your team.

Design Philosophy

Huh? Cool!

(NOT: Cool! Huh?)
First you might pause, but then you love it. Never the other way round.

By engaging the viewer with something more than the expected content — by adding to the design experience through the use of irony, humor, or surprise — we are able to make the experience more memorable and more brand-specific.

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Content is as important to a design as color. Delicious Design uses language as a design tool. From naming to logos, messaging, and positioning, we think about brands from a big picture standpoint.


Delicious Design is passionate about how color, typography and imagery are used in crafting a message targeted to a specific audience. We research the competition to make sure our solutions are distinctive and targeted to the audience.


Delicious Design speaks geek. We can take a design and turn it into pixel-perfect HTML, a responsive, custom WordPress site, a print-ready mechanical file, or installation-ready art.

Market Analysis

Before acting like we know your industry better than you, we research the competition and utilize the latest tools to differentiate and promote your brand.

Cross-Platform Integration

We make sure your brand is consistent across all media platforms and with every interaction with the audience — including e-mail, website, social media, print, merchandise and packaging.

Dedicated Support

As exciting as launching a website is, (and it really is!), the work unfortunately isn’t over. Regular maintenance is needed to keep the site up-to-date and secure from outside threats.

About Jenny

Jenny formed Delicious Design in 2005, the Chinese year of the rooster.

An AIGA-award winning designer, she contributed to The Designer’s Guide to Business and Careers by Peg Faimon and in 2016, her tomato was included in the Miami University Alumni Art Exhibition.

Prior to founding Delicious Design, Jenny was the senior designer at in the London bureau and before that she was at CNN’s financial news division in New York. She has freelanced for a wide variety of clients including Sony Music, Toyota, Paramount Pictures, Sapient, Mattel and UCLA.

Jenny earned a BFA in graphic design and a minor in political science from Miami University in Oxford Ohio.


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